Step 7: Marking out letters

Right....now for the dreaded letter detailing!

I found a NES font & nintendo logo and added them to my CAD drawing.

I put masking tape over everywhere there were words on the tabletop, and projected my drawing onto it.

Then traced around the projected words with a pen, and cut through the tape to score the letters into the oak.

This also provided me with a perfect template for the mahogany inlay.
Great job, what happens when I hit up, down, up, down, left, right, left, right, B, A, Start?
<p>Nothing, U,U,D,D,L,R,L,R,B,A, Select, Start might do something for you though...</p>
You get endless lives in Contra :-)
Or 30 extra wings appear before game time.
Hey i really like your coffee table, and i happen to be making an individual project in my wood technologies class. I was wondering if i could reference off your measurements you have? For the table legs and most importantly the top and the measurements of the controller. Please and thank you. I Would really like to be able to reference yours
do you still have the autocad file?
<p>I made a very similar table but sprayed it the colours of the controller this instructable really helped allot thanks :)</p>
<p>This is gorgeous. I really want to do this, but it looks like more time than I have :-(</p>
great instructable . how much does this cost in material to make ?
This is amazing! <br>I am envious of your skill and free time.
Hey, if you ever one night wanted to use it as a controller you could hook it up to a Makey Makey and have a retro night.
I. Love. This. &lt;3 &lt;3
You could've made a secret stash under some of the buttons
Great idea! Something for Mk2 I reckon.
I will look forward to that! <br>Oh, and have the buttons right way around next time? <br> <br> <br>(and i doubt you'd ship to finland, without a giant fee...)
I thought the surface was etched by a laser cutter. After reading all the steps. Thats some skills you have got and it looks amazing.
Very nice work ....
Beautiful work!
Amazing work!!!
This looks fantastic except for one detail:&nbsp;<strong><em>You mixed up the B and A buttons!</em></strong>
i know :( Can't tell you how gutted I was when i realised!
Ouch! But otherwise, yeah, great job.
This is so well done! I'm considering it as a geek investment, I'm in Canada though and the shipping would be a mint. Is this the same one you have for sale?
looks great!
Thanks for all the positive feedback! A lot of love went into the details, and I hope it shows.
Gorgeous piece! Makes me wish I had a thickness planer to do tabletops.
Really great! Thanks for sharing!
I'm just jealous, you still have a system. Great table! <br>
Sweet! <br>
Whoa! That looks amazing! All of the details are just perfect!

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