NES Mp3 Player!


Introduction: NES Mp3 Player!

About: My name is Taylor, I am an electrical repair tech by day and an engineer by night, after work or free time.

Hey everyone, I just made this yesterday. I was planning on making it into a how-to but there was so many factors that got in the way. The mp3 player has to measure up almost perfectly for this method. Also there was a lot of tricky soldering. I hope you enjoy this video and in the future I will make another one and be sure to share each step.



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    Please make a tutorial on this! I'm looking to forward to making this!

    1 reply

    Already did!

    I don't understand, is this just a blog post, or is it supposed to be a how-to?

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    Just a show and tell. I plan to revisit this with a full tutorial