Step 3: Bear With Me!

Ok, I know that was alot to take in. But i'm probably going to submit a few new instructables to the site for simple VBScripting, and more advanced VBScripting if enough people comment asking for it.

So now to save the file!

press save, make sure to make the file extension ".vbs"

I know it was alot to take in but i'll explain what happens if the file is used correctly:

Firstly you'll get a prompt asking for the target computer
Next they'll be a message making sure you want to start a conversation with this computer.
If you clicked 'Yes' then an input box should appear (in the top right of your screen, so you can continue with what you want to do) asking you to input the message.
Once a message is input and 'OK' is clicked, then a cmd window should spring out along your toolbar and then disappear, this was the batch file sending the message.
If your friend (or enemy) has this same program installed on their computer, or is nifty with NET send, then you should get a reply back!

This is a great instructable and it works for me, but how can i get so when I recieve a message I get an alarm or a tone telling me I have a message.
 nice work dude!
Wow, we had almost the same idea. I made mine in vb.net and my friends and I use it at school.<br/><a rel="nofollow" href="http://t3hw0n.wildspad.com/Netsend.NET.exe">http://t3hw0n.wildspad.com/Netsend.NET.exe</a><br/>
dead link
&nbsp;<a href="http://zachperrault.com/downloads/Netsend.NET.exe" rel="nofollow">zachperrault.com/downloads/Netsend.NET.exe<br /> </a>
Hey how do i figure out my 'friends' computer's name? like do you mean it's ip? cause if your on one big network (say a school computer) then we all have the same ip or do u mean the actual computer name itself?
&nbsp;I&nbsp;pinged my mum to find out her IP<br /> <br /> cmd.exe ping &quot;computer name or site&quot;<br /> <br /> i tryed google but no one sends back googles ip is<br />
At schools you actually do have different IPs. Theyre almost the same, but not. Just look at the IPCONFIG information and you will find everything that you need, like the the ipv4 address, the mac address, ect.
And the account name sometimes works too.
I know what you mean, and you're kind of right thinking this. In my college, we all have individual accounts. Our username is what I use to find the person. E.g. If my friend was called Jeff Jones, and his username was jones29jeff, then i would type in "jones29jeff", if he was then logged in in another part of the network, the message can be sent. Hope this helped :-)
ok thanks man ya i'll try that
do you enter the targets ip or username?
It depends what type of network you're on, for WLAN, use the username. For WAN use the IP
Seems easy. If this functions, <strong>this is great</strong>!!!<br/>

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