Make an endless love card for your valentine

Step 1: You'll Need:

4 SQUARE sheets of paper(any size as long as they're all equal.............mine measures 10cm each), glue, a pair of scissors and a ruler.

Step 2:

Divide each square in half ......you should end up with 8 pieces of papers

Step 3:

fold each piece as shown: divide the the paper into 4 equal parts and fold

example: each square sheet measures 10cm so after dividing each piece in half I ended up with 8 pieces of papers that measured 10cmx5cm then I divided 10 by 4 and marked out 2.5cm

Step 4:

Apply glue on the highlighted areas

Step 5:

Rotate as shown

Step 6:

put some some glue on the marked area and glue another set of two papers,

Step 7:

when you're done gluing, rotate as in the previous step and you should have something like that

Step 8:

Repeat the process..............glue the last two sets of papers

Step 9:

Now that you've finished; go ahead and decorate your card :)

<p>i made it......!!! i thought its difficult,,,but its very easy. thanks again!!!! :)</p>
You're welcome ;)
<p>how nice :)</p>
<p>Thanks :-)</p>
your welcome :)<br>
You're welcome.
<p>HEY AMORE &lt;3</p>
Such unbridled creativity cannot be stopped.
<p>thank you :)</p>

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