This is my completely new and original knex mag. I made it because it takes ages to reload a gun even is the mag is removable. Without this NEW magazine you would still have to put the the ammo pusher in and sort out the elastic band, but now you don't. With just seven peices of knex (one of them modded) it is easy to make.  Please give credit if you use this idea.
You can most probably make it from the images below. Feel free to enlarge the photos. I used a hd camera. Also, watch the video to see how it works!

vedio? where
So sorry:( it didn't seem to have loaded up. Try this link. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w4MiJrbVdiw
<p>and what gun does that fit into?</p>
it looks complicated
I don't get it :/
It basically blocks the pusher until the mag is put into the gun, lol. Nothing fancy or complicated.
Interesting. I mean it doesn't save that much time, but it's cooler that way. That Y connector will fall off once primed if you're active with the weapon, though ._.

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