Introduction: NEW CARDBOARD Project: 2006 Cyberleader Armour.

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so i'm starting on my newest project to build a Cyberleader from Cardboard. Since my Spartan came out well, i took a gamble and decided that the next step up is a Cyberman. i have no photos at this time but there will be many popping up along the way.
the first thing i've done is buy a Voice changer helmet and a modification kit for it from the 15TH CYBER LEGION.

So first I painted up the Cyberhelm but that came out horribly. So I sprayed it Chrome silver.

 19:36 Monday 3rd of feb 2014:I then went on to build the insignia/logo on the chest from Styrofoam. it takes roughly an hour to draw, cut and glue together but there are results. what i did was draw around 3 parts of the logo pep file. the pricked holes around the pieces (REALLY time consuming) and then pop, it pops out of the foam. All I need to do is paint it up.

19:00 Tuesday 4th of feb 2014: I took a couple of templates from another Cyberman Instructable, and basically built the arms around it, i made them a quarter of the size bigger than my actual arm for the nice beefy looking arms. I also started on the lower part of the chest, i started from the bottom and worked my way up until i reached segment 2 of the chest. Now i'm waiting for more Cardboard for building the top part of the chest.

20:12 Thursday 6th of fb 2014: i've got duct tape in silver so i have begun to add silver to my Cyberman armour i have also created restriction rings to strop my Cyberman arms sliding around on my arms. you can't see it too well but i've taped both arms. and i have added a gun to it but i never took a picture. i will do soon.

19:36 Saturday 8th of feb 2014: i've had my conversion kit come through the post and i've made a start. in the kit was plastic, some mesh for the eyes and the backpiece. I started by dismantling my helmet and adding in the pieces, i test fitted the mesh and it works nicely although it does need stretching to have clearer vision. once the conversion's done, i'll be spraying my helmet silver.

18:37 Sunday 9th of feb 2014: so i've built the arms fully now and i've built the chest. i've then gone onto drybrush the helmet for a steelish look.

20:05 Monday 10th of feb 2014: i've hacked off the back section and incorporated mine into the rear of the helmet and i haven't properly painted it.

13:18: i've painted up the back of the helmet and weathered the front, i'm reviving the project.

LAST UPDATE: at 13:18 on the 13th OF JUN 2014.


Rocketry101 (author)2017-07-17

um.. instructions?

ssokiveta (author)2015-09-03

hey. do you know how to walk like a cyberman. p.s. cybermen are awesome!

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