Thankyou so much oblivitus for the idea for this gun!

The gun above is a chain fed shotgun.
It fires 3 at a time from the tr18 turret using only one ram.
The ram has yellow connector on the front of it.

turret made by killerk

<p>looks like a portable Gatling gun: K'nex style. very impressive! I was super into K'nex as a teen. I also still believe K'nex is the superior building system. Rock on man!</p>
<p>All i can say is O...M...G..............</p>
how old are you?
post!!!!!!!! pretty, pretty pleeeeeeeeeeeeease?
great gun, nice looks body could be longer, how did you fit like 18 yellow rods around one circle without it being bulky, i will give you partial credit of my next ible if you do
Nice! But greg, this is NOTHING like a tr. Trs dont fire 3 at a time with one pull of the ram. And trs arent 11 layers thick. LOL
AWSOME gun i like knex to!
lol, i know that it is 1 year behind :) :) :) But i looked at your profile, no pictures of it!
&quot;Here's some pics of my TR18&quot;<br>Correction:<br>Here's some pics of the TR18&quot;<br>I look at what kind of instructables you have made, it doesn't show this gun at all.
post post post post!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! soooo coool
i think you should post this gun!!!!!!!!!!!! it looks cool.5/5
that gun is a totally modded version of hiyadudes tr 18
O RLY? Does killerks tr shoot 3 at a time with one pull of the ram? is killerks tr 11 layers thick in order to provide a yellow connector ram? does killerks tr have the smae trigger? body? handle? mech?? NO. <br> <br>Lets make of list of what i did use from killerks tr: <br>The turret. <br> <br>Big WHOOP everyone knows that killerk made the turret. The turret is awesome and killerk is awesome. But this gun is nothing like his tr. <br> <br>
actually bakenbitz made the turret
11 layers thick shows its awesomeness anway like i say with all ur guns sweet awesome 5*
well sorry!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! it does though. i seid hiyyadudes because he posted it. you wouldn't have used the turrent if he didn't post how to make it. ( calm down by the way)
woah sory bro. i never lookd at the usernam and i thought it was just some noob so i didnt care what i said:P i dont even care lol
neither do i really, now that i think of it. im almost a user with a green hand ( i mean you have mor than seven instructables, thats the green hand)
oh and actually i built 2 tr turrets longgg before hiya posted an ible. i just copied killerks original design when he made a slideshow
ok (my emotion is im ok with you)
i mean't the turrent chain
Still, the TR18 was made by killerk.
Does this shot if it does sweet!!!!!!!!!<br />
Yes it does
Of coarse it does!
&nbsp;Course, not 'coarse'
Sweet!!!!!!!!&nbsp; <br />
&nbsp;If you don't mind, I have three suggestions: One, you've gone a bit overkill with the&nbsp;exclamation&nbsp;marks. Two, caps lock... Three, for some reason the picture will not show on my computer. It might be the format I can't view, but normal I can see slide shows just fine.&nbsp;
Uhm,it is not over kill
&nbsp;Thankyou :)
&nbsp;i agree with Iamknex
Scratch that, slide show is now working. Odd.&nbsp;
over kill? this any over kill its fine it was made to be like this<br />
hey cool
Wil you made instructables? :P lease
No, im very sorry. All my other stuff has instructions though :) <br>
<strong><em>cooooooooool !!!!!!</em></strong>
weres the ible??!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!??XD
Ugh! Post?
You can't build that?
kinda late, but, yeah, i probably could.
You replied? How did you know I replied?
Because My comment counter said so!

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