Picture of NEW & IMPROVED - SpaPad II
I *LOVE* soaking in my hot tub, and I love listening to music and watching movies while doing it.
But I also am lazy and love being able to turn lights on and off while sitting in my spa, And as long as I am boiling like a lobster, I don't want to get out of the spa to see who is at my front door or have to unlock the door to let them in.

The solution? (Besides therapy and drugs) The SpaPad


As they say, laziness is the mother of invention, It was a pain having to hold the iPad all the time, and the hot water splashing on the screen was fooling the iPad into thinking a human was touching the screen and would go crazy.

So I (while, of course, soaked in the hot tub) redesigned the SpaPad to my
New and Improved version named: (yea, I need more imagination)


Here is a video of how it works.

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Step 1: A little history ...

Picture of A little history ...
If you look at the SpaPad (1) instructable I talk about how I built the induction charger for the iPad, and the problems I needed to solve to have the unit waterproofed, but still able to recharge and sync and update.

instead of rehashing it all, take a look at this first and come back here.

I'll wait.


Step 2: New Waterproof Enclosure

Picture of New Waterproof Enclosure
The waterproof "bag" I got worked great, and I was able to use the iPad and charge it with no problems. 

My issues had to do with having no place to PUT the iPad, and hanging it around my neck or a hook was a pain.
I also was annoyed by the fact that to watch it I had to hold it above the waterline and kinda maneuver my body around it.
The splashing of the water would knock it over or I would drop it into the water, and have to wipe the screen clean,
then reposition it, yadda yadda yadda ...

billandritsch4 months ago

I can't let my wife see this, I would never see her again.

Good idea though.