Hello all,

Well as the title says I had to build a better looking table for my letting house living room. The house it's just 20m by the sea and the idea was to build a table which when you see it to give you a sense/remembrance of the sea.

Step 1: Materials Used

The materials used are as follows:

  • Wooden Pallets (found around)
  • Makita multi-tool
  • Sand Paper
  • Primer
  • Paint
  • Screws/Nails
  • Plastic Feet
  • Silicon Base
  • Glass (Ordered)
  • Sea rocks
  • Star fish (SCUBA diving)
  • anchor, scuba helmet, wooden barrel and an amphore (>$10 on EBAY) (Not on the picture, will follow one with them)
<p>very cool.. favorited !</p>
really interesting idea.. I may have to steal and adapt
Feel free. It's easy and nice

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