i just built this gun and am having problems with how to ger the trigger mech in.
if anyone thinks they can help then leave a comment and I'll send you with more pics of how it works.
ITS A CHALLENGE if that helps anyone want to try it...
oh and dont rate it badly because of its looks (handle especially) the actual thing will be three semi moons longer, and the handle will be a proper handle not a junky 1min piece of crap.
its pump looks quite good though.

V1.1 (skip to pic 9 to see it)
I upgraded 1.0 and made the rails so that their is no friction, and their is now an in built TOP LOADING mag which holds six and loads very smoothly. also the pump has been made stronger, and I also put spacers on so when its not loaded, then their is no longer any pressure.
KnexFreEK is still working on the trig mech as I made it very difficult for him lolz.

everyone out there, HAVE A HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!!!!!


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Mr. Muggle5 years ago
ha, funny gunny, you used my concept!! thanks
~Aeronous~ (author)  Mr. Muggle5 years ago
a shotgun that has it's pump at the same place as a real shotgun
~Aeronous~ (author)  Mr. Muggle5 years ago
No, I didn't. I made this way before I saw your concept.
~Aeronous~ (author)  Mr. Muggle5 years ago
 I used your concept? when?
with this gun
Chikara5 years ago
i like the pump mech. might build a gun using it!
~Aeronous~ (author)  Chikara5 years ago
have you seen the date this was posted? This is pretty horrid. Not bad for my second gun though...
it was only a few months ago!.. like.. 7.
~Aeronous~ (author)  Chikara5 years ago
...7? Well there you go.
TigerNod5 years ago
~Aeronous~ (author)  TigerNod5 years ago
 lolz thanks
KnexFreek5 years ago
ok, i dont think it is new, but honestly, i dont care whether it is, or it is not new. 
LOL, btw i can make a trigger.

BUT this gun needs tonsa work before starting on the trigger. so please edit and revise the whole gun :) dont worry bout me, i can always make a trigg, so just keep building and improving it and then i will work my magic :)

(yes i know it is a prototype, but i want to work on a gun that a little more work has been done on. thnx! :)
~Aeronous~ (author)  KnexFreek5 years ago
its ready so do your magic and make me a trig.
im confused! you didnt change up the gun. im not designing a trig around the gun as it is. it needs to be cleaned up a little bit.  :)
~Aeronous~ (author)  KnexFreek5 years ago
 It IS.
i Change it,
and I'll post you a vid.
its okay if it uses string
ill post more pics and the vid tonight if not tommorow
 it doesnt use string...
~Aeronous~ (author)  KnexFreek5 years ago
 no I'm saying when you make the trig then it can use string
 i know, i was saying that the trigg doesnt need string.
~Aeronous~ (author)  KnexFreek5 years ago
ur sure?
fxcking mac operating system so I can't frikin upload a vid.
im on xp so I'll give it another go.
 ok good
~Aeronous~ (author)  KnexFreek5 years ago
Im getting my nerdy dad to help me nao.
(hes a pc xpert and in his job in england he gets paid 500pounds a day. (1000 american rougly
kk good
~Aeronous~ (author)  KnexFreek5 years ago
arrgh one prob, once hes on, he wont get off lolz
 which pic is the final version?
 wait did you change it ?
 im confused!!!! can you take one pic of the final version????? without image notes? thankyou.

~Aeronous~ (author)  KnexFreek5 years ago
~Aeronous~ (author)  KnexFreek5 years ago
sure. i am RLY low on knex because most of it is at my friends house, so thats why it sortof suck right now.
:( that stinks :( I would say that you should start  completely over, but keep the same pump mech.
travw5 years ago
Uh... The pictures aren't showing up for me.
~Aeronous~ (author)  travw5 years ago
try again in 15 mins
that happened like 30 secs ago with hiyadudes shoe rack
~Aeronous~ (author)  travw5 years ago
 actually that might not do anything.
reload the page and see if it works.
if notgo to a different page and then click on a link to this one.
Yeah, I tried. Idunno.
~Aeronous~ (author)  travw5 years ago
actually just stay on the page. it looks like its not working but it actaully loading.
Can't help you Visper, but certainly a neat project and photos.

~Aeronous~ (author)  Lateral Thinker5 years ago
 lolz,(or thats funny, whichever one you prefer)
I didn't expect you to pop up here!

(is their a reason why we always seem to have to write our names under our comments? I do know who you are, lol.)

PS. how come you haven't been posting anything on instructables lately?
Visper Matt

Dont forget I have been monitoring you 24/7. That's what a subscription is all about.. Didn't you know? But I have had to delete a number of subsription notificatins due to overload, I might have missed other projects of yours.

And did I remember to say, I am pleased you are no longer doing A-bombs?

I noted you asking Goodhart on the Aspie forum about me, some weeks ago, you must have missed my comment. I had not followed up, thinking you might be off on holiday. (I am well as long as the temperature stays above 20 c. I told my doctor, next winter, I will become immobile.

If you go to the community forums, "resources" you will see I posted links to downloadable old books, 48-hours ago, I posted "the Boy Electrician" I found it on the WWW as a stop gap measure, until I scan my copy for the Internet Archive. The PDF link I posted, is not a great scan, but readable. My copyright adviser just had a heart op, he was discharged, then readmitted, when he got dischaged, we agreed there was no copyright (the author never renewed it) but a second person, is named as writing the later editions, there is more than one publisher, in the USA and the UK, yet the book is the same. My adviser is out of touch again, he must be unwell again. Badly, as he uses a laptop in hospital to communicate with me.

But dont try the X-ray projects in the book. But certainly the electric shock coil is worthwhile, seeing we are so far apart. (means I wont be a victim)

The question under your name can only be answered by you working out why YOU YOURSELF put your name in, for the FIRST (?) time.

As for me, I got a Facebook presence, on the Internet Archive forums, starting a blog, so its easier to have one name to save confusion.

My real name as always

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