NG-21 W/ M203 Grenade Launcher





Introduction: NG-21 W/ M203 Grenade Launcher

this isnt really a new gun, i justy made it when i was bored and thought i would put it up, the only really new think ive made is the M203, whish doesnt fire, but i thought it looked good.

thanks to ironman for the mag/ firing system



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    this is really cool, but is the mid-section that bulky on the real gun?

    i built the M203 (with a few modifications. If i get at least three replies by the end of this week (i.e. before 14th November), i'll post instructions

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    The deadline has already passed, and I'm in no mood to take time off of my exams ATM to make a grenade launcher that really isn't that hard to make from these pictures

    im ade the gun its just the knex m110and modded i got that gun tobut i want the m203 please post instructions or a few pics

    1 reply

    He NEVER posts instructions, much to most people's annoyance, myself included.

    If anyone wants just the launcher, I've got it built and attached to Barrax's AK.

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    any instructions?

    I'll post it, or at least try for more pics.

    could u post instructions for the M203? It looks sick!

    *THOOMP* *BOOM* Augh! +100 (Guitar and Drums) Danger Close: VII unlocked!

    yo cheif that gun is insane m8 how many pices r i that gun

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    could be a bit smaller but m8 its great

    whats its range?