NG V3 K'nex Gun




Introduction: NG V3 K'nex Gun

Finally, I have finished the Third Version of my NG series guns. This version has more power, more range, and better looks then both the other versions. This guns weighs more, has a kick reduction, and fires two red rods, which have to be manually loaded into the front of the barrel.

This gun has an average range of about 50 feet, and once, (only once), it reached 77 feet while firing at a slightly angled, (maybe 20-30 degrees-ish), shot. Loading time isn't miraculous, seeing as how it doesn't have a magazine...yet. It has bullet locks, so they don't fall out, and with two #64 rubber bands on it, it get about a 40 foot range.

Accuracy isn't its best virtue. The bullets, (there are only two), spurt out in different directions, but both fly about the same distance. Spread averages from 1 foot apart at landing point to about 6 feet apart at landing point. I'm planning on getting this to shoot about 6 yellow rods or blue rods for a shotgun, and I might try to make this pump action.

Hope you like it! Thanks for checking it out!



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    No it's not, but it took a lot of work to make it shoot red rods, and JonnyBGood wanted it to shoot rods, so I just did that.

    Very nice, the range you are getting is no suprise really with that many bands, I would like to see the trigger, because it must be pretty strong. The looks are good, it is quite simple, but if it was over complicated it wouldn't look right. It is just about pefect, LOVE IT!

    Thanks! The trigger is the same as the V2, so you can check out internals there!

    Cool, already have.

    Looks great, it has been greatly improved. Can't weight to see removable mags

    Thanks! They will be coming soon!