Picture of NGK Iridium Spark Plugs on 06-11 Civic Si
This instructable is to show you to change the stock spark plugs on a 06 - 11 Civic Si
I wanted to post this instructions, since when I wanted to make this change there was no manual, no details no information at all. 
I searched the intent, forums, blogs, etc and there was no guidance whatsoever on how to change the spark plugs on a 06 -11 Civic Si.

So here it is...
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Step 1:

Picture of
DSC01604 details.jpg
First you need to get to know your engine and know what is what to avoid any problems
1. Remove the i-Vtec logo plastic cover

Step 2:

Picture of
Have the right tools at hand.
You will need:
1. Standard spark plug wrench 
2. Ratchet
3. ratchet extensions 15 cm for this model to be able to teach the spark plugs (they are way below, on top of the pistons)

Step 3: BEWARE!!

Picture of BEWARE!!
Just so you are aware I included this STEP

CAUTION, do not do this step.
By mistake i removed the injector electricity, nothing happened, but if anything gets broken or damaged you will be in trouble

The black plastic rail you see are the injector electric connector
the metal strip with a tube is the gasoline injection to the injectors (be careful not to touch that for this application)

Step 4: PTitle this Step

Picture of pTitle this Step
1. remove the black plastic rectangle strip on the back
2. Now we see the spark plug connectors

As you can see you can barely fit you had between the connector and the metal topping, there is no way to fit a wrench over there, so up next is the trick to this! ;)

This is a great instructable. That engine looks sweet.

jpweig1 year ago

good photo on removed cowl. the manual does not even show this!

jpweig1 year ago

check gap on new plugs apply anti seize chase spark plug holes in cyl head. but only if you want to. the reason a lot of people want to remove the plugs before 100k is so they don't freeze up in the head[also why to use anti seize]

jpweig1 year ago

blow out with shop air if desired