Step 1: Materials

Picture of Materials
  • 5 Q-tips
  • used 4/10 shot gun shell
  • normal printing paper
  • 2 chunks of 1/2*1/2 foam
  • scissors

Step 2: Q-tips

Picture of Q-tips

Cut the Q-tips where the cotton starts. Do not mess up the part that the cotton is attached to that is what you are using for the ammo.

Step 3: The Shell Part 1

Picture of The Shell Part 1

Now size the shot gun shell on both side of the paper cut a mark in the paper. Fold at the cuts. Then cut a all the way down the paper.

Step 4: The Shell Part 2

Picture of The Shell Part 2

Now, carefully wrap 2 times a round the shell in the paper you just cut. Cut a mark in the paper. Fold at the cuts. Unwrap the paper.Cut at the fold.Wrap it again and tape it. Finally, slide the shotgun shell out of the paper shell.

Step 5: Loding the Shot in the Shell

Picture of Loding the Shot in the Shell

Take your paper shell and your foam. Put one pieces of foam in the front of the shell. Take the Q-tips and put them the shell by groups of 3. I use the left offer middle section of the Q-tips and push them the shell . Last, put the other foam in the end.

Step 6: Loading and Shoting

Picture of  Loading and Shoting

Sorry about this but this will only work on a gun that the air Restrictors Removed or with a long barrel . I would make that a DIY but i all ready removed them. Just put the shell in barrel and fire!!!

PS. I don't now how well the range will be with out Restrictors Removed


Flash67 (author)2014-08-12

It's a good instructable but... Try and focus on the object your photographing. I know I'm not the best at it because I'm still practicing myself but keep this recommendation in mind for future instructables

dylanG1313 (author)Flash672014-08-13

ya thannk for the tip i have 3 younger siblings and i share a room so i have to do it when they are around. so it's hard to do that

Flash67 (author)2014-08-12

And I meant focus the camera sorry i forgot to add that

dylanG1313 made it! (author)2014-08-12

hey i made it that y i made a instructable

dylanG1313 (author)dylanG13132014-08-12

ya sorry i forgot to say one thing that is to put the other chunk of foam in the end

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