I have wanted to build a K'nex ball machine for a long time, and only recently have obtained the necessary pieces to do so. My first creation of this caliber is a piece of mechanical artwork that I call the NK Sideliner. It uses ping pong balls and a standard green motor, and it has a Pongescelator lift that uses a mini K'nex chain. After ascending to the top of the machine, the balls roll down a green path (a modified version of Sandroknexmaster's Green Path from his ball machine, Paradox) and hits a random-passive selective path separator. They then can go down two paths that are mirror images of each other, first going down a simple green bendy rod path, and then through a chain path decoration. They then roll down the "sidelines" of the machine, and roll back into the entrance path of the lift. Overall it is a simple machine, but I deem it acceptable for a first experience. I will post the Pongescelator Lift in the future, and will continue to makeball machines. A general thank-you goes out the the ball machine builders of the Instructables K'nex community for all of their support and suggestions. O will continue to learn from them in the future! Thank you for viewing the NK Sideliner, it was a very entertaining build!

General of the NK3A
<p>Instructions? This thing is really cool!</p>
Thanks! Sorry I can't post instructions for this because it took a week to build, and I've taken it down already. :/
Nice! I actually like how you made it portable (in terms of ball machines). Did you get inspiration from the rapid ball juggler?
Thanks! The what?
<p>It think he means<a href="https://www.instructables.com/id/Knex-Catapult-Machine/" rel="nofollow"> this.</a></p><p>Its a ball juggler system shadowman made</p>
That's epic!
Oh, oh.
<p>Looking good for a first machine :)</p>
<p>Not bad for a first machine, and I like the name of the lift. :-)</p>
Haha, well it's the first thing that came to mind when I finished it. :P
<p>Pretty good ball machine for a first time </p>
<p>Cool! Are you going to make a vid?</p>
I had to post the videos in an FT, so please feel free to check them out!
Thanks, yeah I have videos, but I haven't gotten a chance to embed th yet, but I'll do it in an hour or so, have to have dinner first. :P
<p>I like it</p>
your welcome
Thanks man!
<p>Wow, pretty nice for a first attempt, it looks rather neat and nice job on modding the green path element from Paradox!</p>
<p>by the way, why are there ping pong balls on the track below in pic 3?</p>
That's a storage area for extra ping pong balls.

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