Yes, I wet shave
Yes, I need somewhere to store my gear
Yes, I love the laser cut shaving stands

No, I don't have a laser cutter

Does that mean I can't have a nice stand?

NOPE, I do have a BANDSAW however
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Step 1: DESIGN:

Picture of DESIGN:
Sketch roughly what you want, might be something you've seen on here or the net or your own idea

Draw it out on paper, measure the width of your brush and razor handle for the spaces in the holder.

Try to be neat as this is going to be your first template.


Picture of TRANSFER & CUT:
2013 01:14 PM.jpg
Turn your paper over on top of some cereal box card and go over the lines so it transfers the picture underneath.

Once completely transferred,

CAREFULLY use a craft knife and ruler to cut out your design template from the card.


After the template is cut out in card, measure again against your brush handle and razor handle to ensure they fit.

Put the templates on your material that you're going to use, I used a piece of 12mm polycarbonate which I had lying around, and drew around them.

Step 4: BANDSAW:

Picture of BANDSAW:
2013 01:14 PM.jpg
I used my bandsaw, but I could have used a fretsaw or hand saw to cut the bits out.

I shouldn't have to say be careful if you own one, but be careful just the same.

Take your time and go slow, there's no rush.

Once you've cut the pieces out, just go over the edges with a bit of fine sandpaper to neaten them off.

Step 5: CHECK:

Picture of CHECK:
Dry fit the pieces together to ensure all is well.

Ensure gaps are wide enough for what you want to hold.


Picture of ASSEMBLY:
2013 01:14 PM.jpg
I used Superglue for plastics and put just a dab on the bits before joining them together, hold them for a few seconds to bond them.

Less glue is best, you don't want it oozing out everywhere on your finished piece.

Step 7: ADMIRE:

Picture of ADMIRE:
Put your razor and brush in and sit back and admire.

I've made that and I didn't need a laser cutter

Thanks for looking.
blueangelical (author) 2 years ago
Thanks folks for your kind comments. Yes it was loads of fun to make, I love doing stuff with the bandsaw, you just have to take it slow as they're one powerful beast. I'm really happy with the end result, I've wanted one for ages. I like what the saw did to it too. Thankyou. :-)
Producracy2 years ago
Good job! I like the surface finish that the band saw left.
Looks better than any of the wire ones - or even most acrylic ones - that I have seen in online shaving shops.
Matching brush and razor anyone?
-Andrew, www.producracy.com
There are alot of things that people thing "oh I can't do this I don't have a laser cutter", no they can do it, they are just to lazy to cut out all the pieces by hand...

Props to doing it the old fashioned way! And a very nice end result!