(NO LINUX NEEDED!) Gaming on CHROME OS W/ Remote Desktop





Introduction: (NO LINUX NEEDED!) Gaming on CHROME OS W/ Remote Desktop

Hello Instructables!

With this tutorial, you can allow your chromebook to work like any other windows device. This doesn't require developer mode, or linux, which means there is no chance of damaging the OS of your chromebook. In under 10 minutes, you will be able to play steam games, run windows programs, and access files on another computer all from one device. The best part is that this process is entirely FREE.

Step 1: Preparation

For this to work, you will need:

  • A Chromebook
  • A second PC (I haven't tried this with Mac)
  • Chrome Remote Desktop installed on both devices (free)

NOTE: The second PC must be on at all times, and must be configured so that the screen doesn't turn off for sleep mode.

Step 2: Setting Up Devices

If you haven't installed Chrome Remote Desktop on both devices, do this now. Once it is installed, it will walk you through setting up the program. Make sure that the PC is set as your device to be accessed, and the Chromebook is set as the computer that will be controlling your PC. It is important that you use the same google account for both PCs, or this wont work. Once both computers are set up and the PC is running, the hard part is over!

Step 3: Testing It Out!

Now you can run Chrome Remote Desktop on your Chromebook and select your PC on the bottom. Put in your pin, and click the full screen button. Your cursor and keyboard will now control your PC, allowing you do play any games installed to the PC.

Step 4: Conclusion

I hope this Instructable has helped you with gaming from your Chromebook. I really like this program because it works very seamlessly and almost feels like you are actually using Windows from a Chromebook!

Thanks again for reading my Instructable!




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    How's the actual gaming eXPerience (er, i like XP, can't you tell?) on Chrome Remote Desktop? I prefer TeamViewer (it's in the Chrome Web Store) but it just laaags, even if i do a straight Ethernet connection. But then again, my fleet isn't the most up-to-date one.

    It all depends on your internet speed and the chromebook you are using. I am using a Samsung Chromebook 3, which isn't great for intense games. I am sure this will work much better on chromebooks with better specs!

    Thanks for asking!