This is my first Instructable so please no negative comments! In this Instructable i'll sow you how to make an AWESOME scrap metal dragonfly WITHOUT WELDING OR SOLDERING.

Step 1: Tools and Materials

<p>No welding, but HOT GLUE? I wanted to make this for my mom but I don't have a hot glue gun, but I do have A MAP-PRO TORCH and a 100 AMP STICK WELDER.</p>
Wow this is really cool! I'm glad I finally have a use for some of the <a href="http://www.macstraders.com" rel="nofollow">scrap metal</a> I have lying around my property in Surrey.
That is really creative. I feel like I should run over to <a href="http://www.macstraders.com" rel="nofollow">scrap metal surrey</a> to be able to make one of those things myself.
Looks great! It's good to see people get creative with junk like <a href="http://www.federalmetals.ca/about_us/about_us" rel="nofollow">scrap metals </a> instead of throwing it away.
Lol I can't get enough of this! Who knew people took <a href="http://www.mbsuperiormetals.ca" rel="nofollow">scrap metal Vancouver</a> and built things with them I know that people go crazy with scrap metal and turn it in for money. I remember my last job we did a lot of driving and ever Monday headed to the place where you turn it in was the same guy no shirt boots and cut off jean shorts. He had a bin thing with wheels and people would say he would find scrap metal and get beer with the money. It was always a good laugh when I would see him. Kinda sad I don't see him anymore. Good times. :)
really nice sculpture ^5
this is so cute :) <br>
You forgot the h in show so it turned out sow! Other then that great Job!
Sorry about tha <br>(Joking) <br>

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