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This is very informative intructable post

Most of us don't know the secret behind the simple NOT GATE

NOT GATE is nothing but a single transistor

You can make easily in 2 minutes also you can verify the out put .....

Check out the complete video tutorial.....


DCengineer (author)2016-07-04

While this circuit does invert the signal in your simulation, it is not actually a NOT gate. A correct NOT gate would be actively driven. For a 5V TTL circuit: if the input is at least 2V, the output is pulled high (5V); but if the input goes below 0.8V, the output is pulled low (0V).

afzalrehmani (author)DCengineer2016-07-05

yes you right

low level is considered here 0.7 - 0.8 volt

peabody1929 (author)DCengineer2016-07-04

Not exactly. For TTL, you are right. However, for DTL, you are incorrect--passive pull up is used.

jabujavi (author)2016-07-03

"This is very informative intructable post" ....

Well... I think NOT. Just a video without any ohters materials( schema/parts/tools/values) if you want to win videos view this isn't your site. Please, post images with more info and some text. THIS is the idea of Instructbles, not a site to win YT views

afzalrehmani (author)jabujavi2016-07-04

OK bro
In all my upcoming instructables I will share each and every things required to make a featured and good instructables

thanks for your advice

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