NOT Gate Using Transistor



Introduction: NOT Gate Using Transistor

NOT gate logic circuit is important for any sensor based system. Basically we construct it using micro-controller. but here I'm using a transistor and a Switch.

So let's follow this steps and apply this technique to get inverting output. It will be a great learning project for understanding the basics of transistor.

The assemble cost will be less because we are not using microcontroller.

Materials Required :

  • · Transistor(BC-547)
  • · GP board/ Breadboard
  • · jumperwire
  • · power supply
  • · Switch
  • · LED

Step 1: Circuit Connection

Connect the Transistor in voltage divider bias. In base connect a switch as show in diagram. Connect the LED +ve pin to the corresponding junction of transistor by follow the above diagram.

Here I use a breadboard for this purpose.

Step 2: Connect Power Supply

Give 5volt power supply to the transistor.

Step 3: Let's Check It

When the Switch is 'ON' ,the LED will be OFF ; otherwise it will be ON .

Hope you learned basics of transistor operation and realized the NOT gate.



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