Picture of NOT your school lunch PBnJ
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Step 1: What your going to need

Picture of What your going to need
The list of ingredients is a bit longer than your standard PBnJ.
 Whole grain bread (in this case a pumpernicol/rye swirl)
 peanutbutter, chunky or creamy is your choice
 jam or preserves, jam and preserves have more whole fruit than jelly (Im using raspberry)
 Cheese, I prefer american but again its your choice. I know it sounds odd but it tastes great..
 Hot Sauce.. I now...even odder.. I used to make up a whole jar of spicey peanutbutter by adding hotsauce and mixing well until I forgot to mark the jar and the mrs accidently made herself a sandwich with it

Step 2: Slather and mix

Picture of Slather and mix
pbNj 003.jpg
 Start out with a good sized dollop of peanutbutter and a couple of healthy drops of hot sauce, Im using elyucataro habenaro sauce, mix them together and spread onto one slice of bread

Step 3: Now for the perserves

Picture of now for the perserves
pbNj 005.jpg
 Use enough jam/perserves to cover the bread but not so much it will leak all over as you eat

Step 4: Cheese it !

Picture of cheese it !
This bread is slightly larger than your everyday soft whitebread so I used 2 overlapping pieces of american cheese

Step 5: Slice and serve

Picture of slice and serve
fairly simple step and you can skip it if you want to but I slice the sandwich on the diagonal.

 You can stop here or go a couple of steps farther with me as I make the drink to accompany the sandwich

Step 6: Kicked up Bloody Mary

Picture of Kicked up Bloody Mary
 You'll need
a glass with ice
tomato juice
devils sweat (see picture for information)

Step 7: Mix it

Picture of Mix it
Pour some of the Devils Sweat over the ice in your glass, use your own judgement this stuff is POTEENT! Top off the glass with tomato juice and some salt and pepper

Step 8: Enjoy

Picture of Enjoy
A straw helps keep the mustach clean. Carry your meal outside and enjoy the fall sunshine while being warmed from the inside out
I didn't have any Habenaro pepper sauce, so I used a red pepper sauce. Not bad at all.
l8nite (author)  Fried Potatoes2 years ago
I've been eating hot peppers for as long as I can remember, habanero's are not for everyone but they are my everyday sauces. A lot of people are satisfied with the red pepper sauces and that's fine, personally all I taste is the vinegar. I like the way the spice works against the sweet of the peanut butter and the jelly and the cheese just adds another dimension completely. Now go forth and tell your friends about the new sandwich you've found and watch their reactions... Thank you for commenting
St Jimmy4 years ago
Imagine this heated up so the cheese melts, and the peanut butter gets all silky and extra smooth...oops, I just drooled all over my keybo-
l8nite (author)  St Jimmy4 years ago
Thank you for the comment, please let me know if you try it. I have considered a grilled version, however, I have a full beard and mustach and although peanutbutter is great for you hair its also a real pain to wash out....
Cycrolus5 years ago
Wow. I'm tempted to try this but slightly frightened as to the after effects IE the bathroom breaks after.
"Hey dude,try some of this "Super Hot Fire Engine Sauce"! "No,thanks" "Why Not?" "I don't want Super Hot Fire Engine Diarreah"
l8nite (author)  Cycrolus5 years ago
 I guess Ive grown immune to the "aftereffects" since I eat spicey stuff everyday. Of course you don't have to use habenaro hot sauce, you can use that red water from franks or louisianna or whatever. You could even leave it out and just use the whole grain bread and cheese but of course it won't have the warming effect...
loricollins5 years ago
 Yeah, it does sound odd... but I like all those ingredients separately... I'm going to try this for breakfast.
l8nite (author)  loricollins5 years ago
 I never thought of it for breakfast but then I usually just have a glass of orange/cranberry/apple juice. Thank you for commenting, I hope you enjoy it as much as I do
macmaniac5 years ago
For those in the UK - Encona hot pepper sauce is very very good, and seems pretty much identical to the Habanero sauce bought in Mexico I had once. It's pretty potent, but I've taught myself to tolerate immense quantities of it over time.
Dubbsy5 years ago
Hmm... Certainly interesting.
interesting.... i just might try this......