Picture of NOT your school lunch PBnJ
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Step 1: What your going to need

Picture of What your going to need
The list of ingredients is a bit longer than your standard PBnJ.
 Whole grain bread (in this case a pumpernicol/rye swirl)
 peanutbutter, chunky or creamy is your choice
 jam or preserves, jam and preserves have more whole fruit than jelly (Im using raspberry)
 Cheese, I prefer american but again its your choice. I know it sounds odd but it tastes great..
 Hot Sauce.. I now...even odder.. I used to make up a whole jar of spicey peanutbutter by adding hotsauce and mixing well until I forgot to mark the jar and the mrs accidently made herself a sandwich with it

Step 5: Slice and serve

Picture of slice and serve
fairly simple step and you can skip it if you want to but I slice the sandwich on the diagonal.

 You can stop here or go a couple of steps farther with me as I make the drink to accompany the sandwich

Step 8: Enjoy

Picture of Enjoy
A straw helps keep the mustach clean. Carry your meal outside and enjoy the fall sunshine while being warmed from the inside out
Cycrolus5 years ago
Wow. I'm tempted to try this but slightly frightened as to the after effects IE the bathroom breaks after.