Picture of NVA pen cannon
I thought if this idea while i was working with some pen parts and office supplies. I was thinking of the Vietnam war and i suddenly thought of the concept of making a gun like the one in the war.

Step 1: Materials

Picture of materials
First gather your supplies.you need a round pen tube, a mauler, 2 springs, the end of a click pen, the tip of an ink cartridge, a gel pen ink cartridge with the tip cut off, and the head of a pen.
explocivo1210 months ago

hey guys can somebody take a couple pic of it and show it to me? i would really appreciate it.

explocivo1210 months ago

can somebody tell me what a mauler is and can u get better pictures?

Dom Toretto2 years ago
What brand???????
nice 1
nico844 years ago
i made it !!!
whats a mauler ???
MFPOSGBCS (author)  moo of the cow6 years ago
Its that black thing that you see at the bottom of the gun that's used as the stand. As i said before i forgot what its called.
its called a mauly clip
It's either a mauler or a *Binder Clip*
lawwwl.its called a bipod:P