NXT Auto/semi-auto Rubberband Gun





Introduction: NXT Auto/semi-auto Rubberband Gun

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This is for 12 and under devision
So i have decided to make a very cool gun. This may or may not hurt depending. Please don't point at eyes or intentionally trying to hurt people.

Step 1: What You Need

1 mindstorm engine and the controler item (Scene in the upper right of the picture)
2 gears
2 elbow pieces
2 L shape pecies
4 15 doted pieces
4 round connectors
4 round + cross pieces
2 round extra long pieces
1 long cross stick

Step 2: STEP 1

Connect white pieces togather. put it four down the row. Do the same to the other two.

Step 3: Title This SteSTEP 3

Add the extra long round pieces to the engine

Step 4: Step 4

now add both of the white or whatever color to the engine

Step 5: Step 5

Now put the long cross stick sthing in the middle of the orange piece of the motor and add a gear to each side of it

Step 6: Step 6

attach the both of the blue pieces to the elbow shape piece and put in the end of the barrel type thing. i glued mine in because it kept moving.

Step 7: 7

take an L piece and put a round connector and put in were the long piece with holes intersects with each other

Step 8: Step 8

this is the simplest step to program. you just drag a move box in and thats really it.

Step 9: LOAD

to load you simply just get a rubberband and put it over the blue round piece and the gear and click the button and it will shoot

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    Ohh, I will show it to my child!!!

    now you just need to rig a targeting system :D

    your using the mindstorms kit so perhaps some kind of scanner with the ultrasonic sensor, having it just revolve aimlessly until it senses something within a certain range

    3 replies

    I know but I dont know how to program it like that

    i havent used the pregraom in a long time but you essentialy have to have something that says motor a keeps turning , then if ultrasinc detects object motor a stops and fire projectile

    I would need to be the other way around

    I know but it can win the simple bot division. I entered a walking bot too. I am also gonna enter an rc car whith a propain flamethrower

    ok i didnt know that it was going into the simple bot one. It might win in that

    Well I dont know witch one just guessing