Step 2: STEP 1

Connect white pieces togather. put it four down the row. Do the same to the other two.
Ohh, I will show it to my child!!!
now you just need to rig a targeting system :D<br><br>your using the mindstorms kit so perhaps some kind of scanner with the ultrasonic sensor, having it just revolve aimlessly until it senses something within a certain range
I know but I dont know how to program it like that
i havent used the pregraom in a long time but you essentialy have to have something that says motor a keeps turning , then if ultrasinc detects object motor a stops and fire projectile
I would need to be the other way around
this is cool but it is a little simple
I know but it can win the simple bot division. I entered a walking bot too. I am also gonna enter an rc car whith a propain flamethrower
ok i didnt know that it was going into the simple bot one. It might win in that
Well I dont know witch one just guessing

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