Picture of NYC Crosswalk Sign
I enjoy making simple statements for my Halloween costumes, and this year wanted to do something interesting with lights. I decided to pick the most omnipresent light fixture in NYC - the crosswalk sign, and turn myself into a mini version of it.

Video of lights changing:

Step 1: Controlling the lights

Picture of Controlling the lights
The light controller is the Lilypad Arduino available from Sparkfun, powered by the Lilypad power supply. Two digital outputs go to a transistor for each signal (hand or walking man.)

The programming is fairly simple, cycling between blinking the hand, holding the hand signal high (actually flashing at 50 Hz), and then holding the walk signal high.
But when you wore it, how many people just ignored you and kept on walking?
arduinoe jillg6 years ago
and how many psychics just stopped outside your house when you where making it !
gamer7 years ago
did you use calculated resistors?
Brennn107 years ago
Wow, pretty good!