NYC Roof Deck Design: Park Avenue Limestone Patio




Introduction: NYC Roof Deck Design: Park Avenue Limestone Patio

This Park Avenue roof deck features limestone-clad planters, patio, and fireplace.  The original brick around the fireplace was left intact and preserves a bit of the feel of old New York.  Custom-built benches run along one perimeter, backed by Himalyan white-stem birch trees.  This 1,200 square foot roof garden is also home to a lawn, an elevator going down to the other floors of this townhome residence, a custom-built outdoor kitchen, and a glass sunroom with sliding doors.  The glass perimeter fencing allows for unobstructed views of the city skyline.  Automatic drip irrigation lines run throughout the planters for easy maintenance.  Up-lighting in the planters provides a dramatic nighttime ambience.  A cascading bowl fountain adds the sound and movement of water to this roof garden retreat.  See more photos of NYC Roof decks on my website,



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