Picture of NYE Disco Ball Hat
I was looking for a nice touch to my New Year's Eve outfit and came up with the idea of having a tiny rotating disco ball coming out of my top hat.  It was real easy to make, just a simple cut and paste job, but it produced a pretty fun hat that got a lot of attention. 

Thanks for reading my first instructable.  I hope you enjoy it :)

Step 1: Items You Will Need

Picture of Items You Will Need
Hard Felt Black Top Hat
Battery Operated Mini Mirror Disco Ball
E-Lite Badge (I used Music Notes, but there are dozens of different types)
Tulip Fabric Glitter Spray - Silver

Razor Blade
Scissors (optional)
Glue Gun & Glue (other adhesives will work too)

abeman1 year ago
I agree with marolyn about the light source of your hat. That's cool but you should keep your instructable here and not link to another site with information that should be here so we don't have to do a run around
marolyn4 years ago
Where is the light source coming from for the ball?
in the vid, it looks like 2 laser pointers from above the hat.
Water Child5 years ago
Im going to use this for my halloween costum im going to put the disco ball in my hands because im creating a party Robot, but its not like a bunch of squares, im shaping sheet metal to make me look like the guy in the new video game coming out soon. Vanquish
Doctor What5 years ago
 Neat!  If you went all out you could produce a room full of seizures!
I agree. I have epilepsy and have to shield my eyes from flashy things. If I was under the hat though I would be creating them, not getting them :)
roadieflip5 years ago
How about setting your next hat to open the top and have the disco ball lift out from the hat when you push the button?
I like that idea... an interactive disco ball ...
weiblen.c5 years ago
dfwmonkie5 years ago
awesome ! gona do this for my crazy hat party