Introduction: NZXT H 440 Case Mod

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This build Log is surely missing alot of pix as the mod was rushed in the end.

Did it for a nice friend though. Except drill machine no machines were used ( didn't have any ) so the pics might reflect that


For bad quality pix ( I love sharing and take pix as good as i can but i am stuck with a bad cell phone atm and m bad at taking pics too )

For the missing pics specially at the MOD end part, those would have explained better how it was finalized.

Case was shipped by the seller directly to me so i took some pics before starting the work to let my friend know of the wear n tear/ scratches already present


AshC21 (author)2017-05-26

Is the side panel of the case custom as well?

Diy Tech (author)AshC212017-08-01

Yes it custom made of acrylic and bordered with white carbon fiber vinyl

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