Introduction: NaSiGoRaNg

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making of nasigorang-
for chillie oli -
                   (1cup oil,chillie flakes,dry chillies,sugar n fry )
for curry-
                  in a seperate wok ad oil add  g&g chopped n fry and then add onions n fry and after that add 4 eggs an scramble it after that add the chillie oil that we made before n then add the marinated prawns(turmeric n with salt) and the fried fish pieces and boiled shredded chiken pieces and   mix and then add tomato and mix n keep for 5mts add salt too..n soya dark sauce n mix  n let it to boil after that add the boiled rice and mix well by adding  pinch of ajinamoto 
n add the chopped spring onion leaves n serve with some coriander leaves  and with kebabs wid hotty hot!!!!!!! 



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    nice! lookz gr8!

    this'll be delicious,keep it up....


    From what you say this doesn't seem so hard to make...but the looks of it intrigue me. Doesn't look that delicious to me...but if you say it is I won't argue with that.

    I still have one question...what has this to do with canning? From what I see you don't can it, you eat it while it's still fresh. Plus you don't mention anything about that.

    tnx hary n ya this ws very tasty n v easy too...:)

    this will be tasty!!! :)