Introduction: Knex Grenade

Picture of Knex Grenade

this grenade has more shrapnel. Its bigger and better.

Step 1: Top and Bottom Peices.

Picture of Top and Bottom Peices.

just two snow flakes.

Step 2: Four Connecter.

Picture of Four Connecter.

there are eight of these, these ones are just four.DON'T THE NEXT FOUR!!!!!!!

Step 3: Other Four Connecters.

Picture of Other Four Connecters.

the next four connectors.

Step 4: Gathering Everything Together.

Gathering Every thing Together.

Step 5: Last Step!!!!

Picture of Last Step!!!!

Put all peices together.


alexf1 (author)2012-12-30

Great job. It really helped unclean my room :)

MewTwo197 (author)2010-03-25

Great job, grenade looks EPIC! :D

Shredder543 (author)2010-03-09

I used your design (and gave credit) I think you should check it out!

sharlston (author)2009-08-27

lol at first you called it nack attacks upgrade

Microwave9001 (author)2009-06-02

Pretty cool and good but you confused me on the last step. If there were some details on how to put it together it would be great. But still came out pretty cool.

rawknexstuff (author)2009-04-19

That was awesome! Everyone who says it sucked is TOTALLY WRONG!

Reapershand24 (author)2008-12-21

no ofense but it sucks weres the kaboom

TOMBenterprise (author)2008-11-30

Pure Brilliance! :D

awsome (author)2008-10-02

im going to make a grenade launcher using this grenade that ok?...will post soon...gonna have a few flaws though.

Hummerh139 (author)2008-08-10

dude, it has no shrapnel, its a knex granade that doesent work.

Tennismaster58 (author)2008-07-05

? Wtf???? Doesn't do anything....

instructable doggie (author)2008-06-20

nice 3.5

dsman195276 (author)2007-10-19

pointless. just an overlycomplaced cernade that does the same think as two grey caps stuck togethere


This is awesome! One of my favorite grenades (after mine lol)

what was yours? do you have a link?

that was a old comment...

Twas, but still.....

i have different thoughts on that now. though what i said is true.

Well, Not entierly...

not the pointless part, but after that. this essentially does the same thing as the two dark grey connectors, but on a larger scale.

But this one looks cool, Is sturdy and can be thrown with ease, 2 grey caps..... well, I dont really care.

backyardpyro217 (author)2008-06-07

i just cant imagine stuff like this every time i came up with a new nade it sucked and the peices just fell off. BUT IT WORKS PERFECTLY 4 U GUYS!!!!!!>:(

skaterwhoowns (author)2008-02-21

do you add, a rubber band?

Knexman2020 (author)2008-02-19

i made something like this... i used coaster parts 4 spikes and int can store a little more shrap. check it!

snipeyouout (author)2008-02-18

This thing works good

awsome (author)2008-02-15

I made one exactly like this and I didn't even know it was already made

Ivy33 (author)2008-02-15

nice nade ;)

not-killerk (author)2008-02-07

nvm, it works now. i love this thing man, now i can surprise my freinds, when we have a war.

Knexman2020 (author)2008-01-23

check out ma typhone knex gun/sword! srry 4 b-in random. :( nice grenade! X3

rockman (author)2008-01-19


batista101 (author)2008-01-13

this grenade rocks really cool must try lol :D

joey2542667 (author)2008-01-12

I love it!!! best grenade by far. only takes about 2 min to put it back together. the only bad thing is that you can lose pieces easily.

robbingrogue (author)2007-12-30

woah!!! this is so awesome!!! but it's booooriiiing to make it again, when its in pieces on the ground;) nice, +1.


Knexem (author)2007-12-28

I made one using red connectors instead of green. it was incredibly stronger in structure than this one.

nkk07 (author)2007-11-26

very good whoever says its rubbish is wrong! very fun boom boom

frogmonster (author)2007-11-15

YAY!!!!! Fun boom boom...

wussap (author)2007-10-16

its pretty damn good

SeMi_AuToMaTic (author)wussap2007-11-10

no offense nackattack, but dis one id preety good! sry fr bd grmmr.

Whaleman (author)2007-10-15

Just a correction, shrapnel. I think instructables has spell check for comments, and I think it does for instructables too, but I don't know.

Mr Tenacious (author)Whaleman2007-10-16

yes it does

Whaleman (author)Mr Tenacious2007-10-16

Ok, thanks, I haven't written an instructable since before they added spell check

Kaiven (author)Whaleman2007-10-15

how does it have spell check?... never mind, I see it.

NackAttack (author)2007-10-16

dude nice upgrade i ahve to admit thought the original one mine is better i found out that if u just use 1` elastic its much better

ojochris (author)2007-10-15

It does, but, no offence, Who Cares? you still know what it ment. Nice Grenade. :(

ojochris (author)ojochris2007-10-15

SORRY, I MENT TO PUT :) lol sorry...

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