Knex Grenade





Introduction: Knex Grenade

this grenade has more shrapnel. Its bigger and better.

Step 1: Top and Bottom Peices.

just two snow flakes.

Step 2: Four Connecter.

there are eight of these, these ones are just four.DON'T THE NEXT FOUR!!!!!!!

Step 3: Other Four Connecters.

the next four connectors.

Step 4: Gathering Everything Together.

Gathering Every thing Together.

Step 5: Last Step!!!!

Put all peices together.



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    Great job. It really helped unclean my room :)

    Great job, grenade looks EPIC! :D

    I used your design (and gave credit) I think you should check it out!

    lol at first you called it nack attacks upgrade

    Pretty cool and good but you confused me on the last step. If there were some details on how to put it together it would be great. But still came out pretty cool.

    That was awesome! Everyone who says it sucked is TOTALLY WRONG!

    no ofense but it sucks weres the kaboom

    im going to make a grenade launcher using this grenade that ok?...will post soon...gonna have a few flaws though.

    dude, it has no shrapnel, its a knex granade that doesent work.