Here's how to do this cute and easy cheetah print nail art! All products used will be at the end of the tutorial. Enjoy! :)

Step 1: Base Coat

Start off by applying a base coat, this will help keep your nail healthy and stop yellowing. I'm using the Beauty Secrets base coat.


<p>Thank you.Very nice!I propose to see moreinteresting ideasnail designwith Cheetah http://beauty-manicure.com/cheetah-print-nail-art/</p>
I love the design and the instructions r easy but I found ur comment of 3 bright colors looking sloppy a little offensive b/c my friend does cheetah all the time and will use 3 different bright colors and it looks as awesome as with black or white borders. This is just my opinion which I am allowed to voice.
That desing is soo cute &quot;you got talent,good job?
cool! it looked great
<p>love these! always a fan of a great leopard print! I just posted a leopard tutorial myself and yet they are both so different!</p>
Really cool, do you have an instagram page
Amazing! I also have mint candy apple :)
wow its really seems good
<p>Finally! Someone who does really good nail instructables! Fantastic!</p>
I already knew how to do this but ur wayso much cooler haha x
I just wanted to say thank you so much for loving my design!! You guys made my day with all your sweet comments! :)
<p>I'm just now starting to (finally) do my nails at home. It was costing too much when I go out. Thanks for helping out the poor and teaching us tricks to look fabulousss ;3</p>
These look amazing! Thanks for putting this up :P
<p>Awesome! This is how I do it. Free advice:A toothpick will do just fine, if you don't have a smaller dottingtool</p>
super cute and super easy!! ;D thanksss!!!
<p>They're so cute! Great tutorial. :D</p>

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