I'm so excited to be making my first instructable !!! So let's get started!!!

Step 1: Gathering Materials

You will need
-nail polish (I used Sally Hansen extreme wear)
-index card or sturdy paper
-cotton balls
-nail polish remover

Step 2: Let's Do It !!!!

Take your nail polish and paint the design you wish for on the paper. You can have as many as you wish ,but I only used three, and only did a simple design (stripes).

Step 3: Let's Do It !!! ( Part 2)

Take your cotton ball and roll it across the design ,then roll the cotton ball across your nail.

Step 4: The Final Product

Clean around your nail , add a top coat and show off your nails!!!!
<p>This instructable was created by one of my middle school students. It was her first project and I think she rocked it!! </p>
Band-aid sounds cool I'll try it!
<p>you might as well just went and did it yourself and it would have saved you about 3 minutes to do all of that and it is easier</p>
<p>Kind of a McGiver route to transfer printing ! Nice technique! Have you tried using say, a band-aid? The regular surface might make some really cool designs possible!</p>

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