Introduction: Nail Art - Retro Squares

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Here's a simple yet eye-catching nail art tutorial. enjoy!

Step 1: Polish Those Nails

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Nail Polish Used:
- Salley Hansen - Blue Me Away!
- O.P.I - Por favor
- Charlotte Russe - (no color specified)
- Salley Hansen - Hard as Nails

I use salley hansen's hard as nails as base.
let dry
paint all nails pink except for ring finger
paint this last one with "Blue me away"
let dry

Step 2: Practice(if Needed)

Picture of Practice(if Needed)

While the nail polish is still drying you can practice your designs

Here i used a simple index card and basically sketched out what i want
on my nails.  you can go bold with fill in or leave it empty. Up to you.

Step 3: Let's Decorate!

Picture of Let's Decorate!

Once polish is dry take
take a two-way nail art pen and create the squares/rectangles you practiced.

these pen/bottles have become very popular, though still on the expensive side.
i got this on Charlotte Russe's site a long time ago for 1.99(on sale) So just keep a lookout and you can get great finds.=]


Picture of FINISHED!

Once squares have dried, apply sally hasen again.
clean up if needed
And you're done.
Use any color combo you want
either way you'll still get fab results.=D


excuse the index


Squaggadoodle (author)2012-05-15

This is awesome!

ashbegash (author)2012-02-03

This is SO CUTE! I love it! Thanks =)

murpchild (author)2011-04-25

This is so cool, at first glance I thought they were circuit boards drawn on which would also be pretty methinks.

lovely_jessye (author)murpchild2011-04-29

thanks =D

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