Can you figure this puzzle out? Your goal: balance 14 nails onto one nail. This tough brain game is possible, but it is very hard and it requires lots of thinking. Just in case you are dying to know how to do it, at the end of this instructable I will tell you how. However, first I'll show you how to make it.

You can do this project one of two ways. First, you can take a random piece of wood and hammer a nail into it, then try to put 14 nails onto that nail. You can do it that way, but it doesn't look professional and like a real puzzle. The way that I will show you will be nice and have a holder for every nail. Just keep reading to find out.

Step 1: Cut Your Wood to the Correct Length

For this project you can use almost any wood for the base, as long as it is around 3/4" deep, or enough so that your nails can go into the wood and rest there. Make the width of the wood 3" and the length 5-1/4". Even though you can do it a little smaller or a little bigger, this is the ideal size to make the rest of the steps easier.

I only 8 nails balencing on one nail in the photos, but you said 14. Other then that good instructable and vary interesting.
You are right. In the picture I used 1 1/2" nails instead of 3" nails. If you use 3" nails you can balance 14 on. Thank you.

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