Nail Clipper for Mr.Kuriki





Introduction: Nail Clipper for Mr.Kuriki

This is nail clipper for Mr.Kuriki.
Kuriki has a disability of left hemiplegia.


Step 1: Cut a MDF(2.5mm)

Step 2: Cut a Acrylic(5mm)

Step 3: Cut a Felt(3mm)

Step 4: Remove From a Plate and Set Up

Step 5: Assemble a Base

Step 6: Bond Together Felts

Step 7: Attach the Nail Clippers

Step 8: Finish!!

Step 9: Gift to Mr. Kuriki



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    Hi! I really want to make this for someone but i am missing the measurements how big was your mdf and acrylic?

    But I want it to be an open source,could be build by everyone who real need it!

    Sure dude! Anybody can respect that. But the design looks very tempting for a babie's nail clipper. You can make them and just charge the manufaturing and courier costs! Just a thought! But still! Too good.

    You can always leave it open source and still sell it. Many people just don't have the supplies, time or drive to make things themselves and prefer to buy :)

    What a clever idea!

    Well done!
    The way you joined the layers together is super nifty!
    I very much wish I had a laser cutter.....

    1 reply

    Sorry.My project target is the person who has it.
    Perhaps there're a lot of ideas without laser cutter....

    good "little things what make life better" project!

    1 reply

    nice good job helping someone out with a disability   i like the idea

    1 reply

    I'm glad to have empathy!