Nail Cushion Version DIY





Introduction: Nail Cushion Version DIY

If You Suck With A Hammer this is the gadget for you.Just hack a mouse pad..No more swollen thumbs and safe enough for me to use.Ideal for housewife too.!.

Step 1: Modified an Old Mouse Pad

Take you old mouse pad and cut a rectangle about 3 inch by 6 inch

Step 2: Making the Hole

.And pear an hole .After Cut a cross over the hole .This allow you to remove the head of nail of the cushion .

Step 3: Mark and Make Differentt Size

you can make different size hole for different nails

Step 4: Your Ready

this gizmo hold your nail and your thumb are more safe.



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    I just throw the nail up and one shot it like Bob Villa. Nice instructable though for those without Bob Villa's martial arts like construction prowess.

    A comb works, too.

    yay, now its super easy for me! (favorited)

    Needle-nose pliers are better, you can see the head and the tip. I wrap a rubber-band around the handle so that the pliers stay closed on their own. I can always apply more pressure than is necessary to keep the pin/nail held up if I so choose.

    Just use a scrap of card and throw away.