Nail Painting Board.

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Introduction: Nail Painting Board.

It is often useful to have this board of nails to support articles upon after you have painted or varnished them. Here is the quick way to make one.

Step 1: Choose Board Size and Nails.

I am painting relatively small items here so this board is rough 16 x 12 inches. brad nails are great because they have the smallest heads.

Step 2: Measure Out and Bang in Nails.

choose a spacing that is appropriate for your object to be supported. 1 inch works well for many things.



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    An alternate method is to: 1) Choose longer brads/nails 2) Drill pilot holes completely through the wood - just big enough to snuggly hold the nail. 3) Hammer the nails all of the way flush, so they are sticking out the other side. The trick here is to find a support for the wood, either on the edges or between the holes, so you have clearance underneath to get the nails through into an open space. The benefit of this method is that you have only a point (instead if a head) touching your newly painted pieces.

    Good point dschwant.

    that's a pretty good idea. much better than setting the object on a paper towel or something like that.

    I find that the best thing to use is a couple of strips of carpet tack rail. Its quite cheap too and has about 1/2 inch fine tacks on it, just glue them to a board!

    Here is an easier way. Get a piece of 3/4" pine and shoot a clip of 1-2" brads through it with a brad nailer. The whole board is ready in a few seconds.

    I like the point end up, but what about slightly bigger holes, but only half way through the board. Sort of a peg board with nails. The nails could be only inserted, head side down, so you can move the nails around as you need. Maybe only a couple at the corners instead of all over. Haven't tried, but just an idea.