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Introduction: Nail Polish Washer Pendants

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I really like those circular glass pendants, but I never have any money, so I can't buy any. I have a lot of nail polish (odd considering I never paint my nails) and a lot of found washers and other various metal doohickeys and thingamajigs. You put two and two together (and my huge amounts of free time) and you get nail polish washer pendants! They're super easy to make and super cute too. You can paint them anyway you want and even use sharpies and other various things on them. If you're on pintrest, you know there are a lot of nail tutorials, so you can look up the different ways to paint your nail and apply those techniques here!

Step 1: Supplies

You'll need: Washers (or other various scrap metal) Fingernail polishes and clear topcoat Stringing material Clasp Jump rings Ribbon crimps Pliers Wax paper Paper towels

Step 2: Prep

You need to clean your metal findings/washers before you paint them. If they are dirty and dusty, the polish can peel off. I used soap and water, and them dried them with a paper towel. Lay out your wax paper. The wax paper is to make sure you don't mess up your working surface or anything else. I taped the wax pepper to a lap board I have and made these whole i was watching TV.

Step 3: Design and Paint

Paint your washer/scrap metal with the nail polish. Make sure it's nice and thick so you get that glassy look. You can use multiple colors and layer them or mix them around. My personal favorite is two blues I have layered and then swirled around with a toothpick. You can also use a sharpie to just draw on the washer/metal. Flowers and swirls/spirals are a good idea.

Step 4: Top Coat

Once the polish or sharpie has dried, cover it with a layer if top coat. To make sure it doesn't smear the washer, don't brush but drip. Get a lot of top coat on the brush and have it drip over the washer. Once there is two or four (depends on the size of the washer) drops, dab and spread it out so its even. The top coat will protect your washer and make it nice and shiny. Sometimes there are bubbles that appear. I'm still trying to figure out how to prevent that. I think that the bubbles make it look more like blown glass and give it depth.

Step 5: Finish It Up!

Take your for and make two knots, one on either end. Using your ribbon crimp beads, attach the clasp. Code which washer you want to use and make one of those easy wrap around knot things (see picture). Because of the type of knot and shape of the pendants, you can easily change them out. For the bracelet you take two cords and make the easy wrap knot thingy (see picture again). Take the ends (two from each side) and tie a knot at the end. Using your ribbon crimps attach the clasp and you're done! Besides using cord, you can also use chain I ribbon, whatever floats your boat. These are so easy to make and fun to wear. It takes ten minutes to paint and an hour to dry, when they're drying you can make the cord part so when the pendants are finally dry all you have to do is tie them on. It's a great craft to do with kids, your friends, at parties, and while you're watching the TV. Hope you enjoyed! Don't forget to vote for this an my other 'ibles in the jewelry contests! Thanks!



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    @joppenheimer , thanks! I tend to be a klutz, so the fact that they can't be broken is definitely a plus!

    Great idea. I like the fact that there is a transparency like glass - yet unbreakable!

    Also, because of your allergies, it would be smart to wait until the front is dry and then do a clear top coat on the back so that there's no exposed metal. Have fun!

    Thanks! Glad this is something that works for you!

    This is extremely clever! I'm always broke as well and I happen to also have a ton of nail polish. I recently added jewelry to my constantly growing list of things I like to make but I haven't been able to buy any new beads. I'm also allergic to most metals so making these out of metal coated with nail polish would allow me to wear them without breaking out. This really it very smart! Great job