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Introduction: Nail Sword

About: I am 14 years old and I live in Waco Texas,I like making things out of wood and fixing things!and nature photography!and like the out doors I also love fishing, I love bass fishing!

One night we had a hot fire decided to forge a mini nail sword

Step 1: Hammering

Get a hot fire and a nail at the time I didn't have a anvil but just get the nail flat

Step 2: Sanding

Get a file and and it till it's not any black spots on the blade both sides

Step 3:

Then use a finer file

Step 4: Sharpening

Step 5:

I also made a little stand out of some old balsa wood



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hi did you use a file and a bench grinder or just a file to sharpen it oh and it is brileant

That is super neet man good jod on the sharpness of the blade

since they have very little carbon in them would it be best to quench in water. or will oil be fine?

You could make a bunch and give them all ninja masks to have a secret stealthy hamster army!

GO, Hamstah Ninjahs!

Mine looks better than yours

I made a gip by using a double headed nail, and I made a more interesting grip by entwining it with aluminum wire. :)

OMG, super awesome, I made it!

this could make good potential Blow Dart ammunition, if you add some feathers or something of the sort

Haha, that's a great idea! I like how you presented it on a mini sword stand too! Nice job!

This is so cool! Thanks for sharing it!