Nail Tip


Introduction: Nail Tip

How to beat in the nail in the hard wall



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    OK where is it ?

    i see nothing

    do you have to do this for pvc pipe (when putting a nail in it)

    By "stronger", you presumably mean thicker diameter. The problem is that a nail's diameter is proportional to its length and you do not want a longer nail; you only want a thicker one.

    Not exactly, I meant one made of a different material. Some nails are crafted just for more difficult uses like this. I would suggest a steel or high carbon nail.

    OK I understand now. I didn't realize these were available (aside from big ugly concrete nails). I'm trying to apply small cove trim to the underside of maple stair treads and the maple might as well be marble! I need a nail ~1/2" long but "strong". I looked in my hardware store but maybe this isn't the right place to look?? Where do you find your high carbon nails? Are they in the regular nail type section or ...?? It would be great to actually get something - I'm not proud of the mangled job I did with the first strip!

    You can normally tell by the finish by what material they are made of. Your best bet is to go to a hardware store and ask for a stronger nail. If all else fails you may have to go to a larger one like you said earlier.

    Thats a nice tip! Its really hard to hammer nails into thick paneling too, so this is helpful. Thanks.