Step 1: to Do Nail in the Finger You Need!

Step 2: In Today's Instructables I'll Show You a Great Idea of a Brilliant Imitation of a Broken Through Nail !

Step 3: Comparing With the Last Year Make Up, Which Was in the Video About the Nail in a Finger Imitation, This Make Up Will Be Difficult to Differ From Real One!

Step 4: It's Quite an Easy to Make Such an Imitation, Just a Little Bit of Fancy Is Needed!

Step 5: Enjoy!!!!!!!!)

<p>dude thats awesome!!!</p>
<p>It was like , ugghhhh...</p>
<p>So how do you make the nail 1/2 stick to the other side of the finger?</p>
<p>Gross but awesome !!!</p>
Gross! Haha

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