Introduction: Nail Cushion - a Father's Day Gift

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Father's day does not get [quite] the same commercial push as Mothering Sunday or Mother's Day, so any presents bought tend to be last-minute and often lack imagination or personalisation (I don't have anything against beer and chocolate, but a man can only wear so many humorous barbecue aprons, and my kids can't afford the tools I haven't already got).

I came up with a simple little gift that sons of any age can easily make for any father with even the mildest leanings towards DIY or Making.

Where crafty mums might get given a pin cushion, you can give your dad a Nail Cushion!

Step 1: Materials

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All you need is some corrugated card (if you don't like recycled card, try coloured craft card), something to cut it, and a bit of glue (PVA or glue stick are ideal).

You can try and save the most visually-appealing parts of the card to go on the outside of the cushion, or use some extra, decorative paper to glue around the outside.

Step 2: Cutting

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Cut strips of the corrugated card, across the corrugations so that the long edges are full of holes.

Cut a disc of card and two ring to make the base.

If you want to use a laser cutter, I've attached the ECP files here.

Step 3: The Base

Picture of The Base

Glue the two rings onto the base.

Line them up carefully, and set them aside to dry with a light weight holding them pressed reasonably firmly together.

Step 4: The Cushion

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Roll your strips together, remembering to keep the "best" strip for the outside of your spiral.

When you have enough strips rolled together, wrap an elastic band around the spiral to hold it together.

Step 5: Assembly

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Simply drop the spiral into place - if you have enough card rolled into the spiral, it will wedge nicely, and if anything gets stuck or drops too far into the coils, your dad can easily unwind the coils to get the lost item out.

The spiral should expand slightly to fill the rings of the base, and which point you might want to add a little glue to the end of the spiral to keep it tidy.


Ecbcat20 (author)2017-05-09

Thanks for sharing! This is so creative!

Kiteman (author)Ecbcat202017-05-10

Thanks for your kind words - don't forget to share an image if you make one!

greeenpro (author)2015-08-10

This will be made for my father next year and for myself sometime soon. Thanks for the idea and proper instructions.

Kiteman (author)greeenpro2015-08-10

You're very welcome!

It would be cool to see a photo of what you make.

evebroughtanaxthistime (author)2015-06-20

Thank you! It's always showering screws inside my flat and honestly, I'll be rather relieved to have 2 of these in every room to keep the cooking-utensils from becoming containers. Would never have come up with it myself. Shot!

Pens too!

If you're going to store pens, I'd make the coils a little looser.

Kiteman (author)2015-06-18

Guess what? I've entered another contest! A few clicks would be appreciated, folks!

This is going to make me look stupid, but please advise how to do the 'click' thingy for your competition. Also; my computer went insane, so can this be done, via mobile?

Thanx again

At the top-right of the page there is an orange ribbon or small banner that says "Vote!". If you're using your mobile browser, it should be visible after you request the desk-top view.

(Thanks in advance for your vote!)

Royell (author)2015-06-19

I was thinking about using cork(perhaps one of those coasters with cork) for a more durable design.

Kiteman (author)Royell2015-06-19

You'll need gaps, so don't roll it too tightly (unless you're going to drill holes in a flat one?).

Royell (author)Kiteman2015-06-19

I was thinking of drill holes.
I'm embarrassed to admit coiling the cork, like the cardboard, had not occurred to me. XD

Kiteman (author)Royell2015-06-20

Well, it depends how thick it is - cork has to be very thin to roll up without cracking.

Royell (author)Kiteman2015-06-20

Eh, I recent ended with a number of cardboard boxes, so I think I shall stick to your idea.
Thank you for your helpful input, and for posting the project!

Kiteman (author)Royell2015-06-20

Cool, post a picture when you do!

Pat Pending (author)2015-06-18

Very neat idea!

Kiteman (author)Pat Pending2015-06-18

Thank you!

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