Introduction: Nailed Board Coat Hanger

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It's a coat hanger made from nails and a board...

Step 1: You Want to Do WHAT?

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So my Son comes up to me the other day and asks; "Do you have a big nail and a hammer?"
"Of course" say I, "what do you need it for?"
"I need somewhere to hang my bag in my room."
So, as you parents out there will know, a teenage boy will take the easiest option, even if it involves banging 6" nails into my walls.
Needless to say, I wasn't forthcoming with said "big nail" and hammer, but I did come up with a cheap, quite funky looking alternative, that won't take big chunks out of my plasterwork.


Pallet wood
5 X 6" nails


Step 2: Recycle

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I found some pieces of an old hardwood pallet I'd salvaged, and some "big nails".

Firstly I ran the timber through the Tablesaw to clean up the edges and cut it to length (24")

Step 3: Hammer Time

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After I'd sized my timber, I marked a centre line and then 5 holes for the nails, and 2 for the mounting screws.

Next I measured the width of one of the nails, and got a drill bit about 1/2mm smaller, to ensure a tight fit.

Once the holes were drilled, I countersunk the 2 for mounting and hammered the nails through the others, using a block to set the depth.

Step 4: Time to Turn Up the Heat

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Now for some hot stuff, I ground off the extra bit of nail sticking through so it was nice and flat.
And then got out the MAPP gas and heated and bent them.

A bit of a wire brush, and some oil on the wood, and we're done.

Almost as quick as just banging a nail into the wall.


YourMagesty (author)2015-11-13

LOL .... enjoyed the teen/dad/house/alternate-idea fulfillment backstory!

I try to give a reason as to why I make stuff, and I'm sure people will recognise the age old battle between parents and teens.

Lol, yes,....but this was a case of he came to you with a need, and you met a better way. Charming interplay!

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