Nailed It!





Introduction: Nailed It!

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Make a simple and easy, yet beautiful wall decoration.

Step 1: Material You Will Need




A wooden plank (make sure it is not very thick otherwise you may hammer the nails through it)

Step 2: Choose a Text, Image Etc...

1. Choose a text or a picture you like and cut it out on paper.

2. Tape the paper on the plank.


Step 3: Start Hammering

Hammer the nails on each side of the text (outline the text with nails).

TIP: It is easier and less messy to start with the details or smaller parts first!

Step 4: Remove the Paper

Once you are done hammering, remove the paper.

Step 5: Yarn

1. Make few knots around one of the nails with the yarn (the blue one).

2. Start circling and twisting the yarn around the nails as you wish (no particular pattern).

In case you want this to be one color only skip step 3 & 4.

3. Make few knots on another nail with another yarn (the red one).

4. Repeat step 2 with the other yarn.

5. When you are done, make few knots around the last nail and cut the rest of the yarn.

TIP: The best way to do this is to start with the different yarns at the same time!

Step 6: Ta - Da!

Now you are done. You can put a hanger on the back of the plank and put it on your wall or just lean it against a wall.



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    Did u mean not to thin then your nails would go though it

    1 reply

    The thinness doesn't really matter as long as you hammer cautiously.

    You certainly did nail it!