Nails -n- Motion (lenticular Image Hack)





Introduction: Nails -n- Motion (lenticular Image Hack)

OK! So here it is my first true hack, (hack it up, that is).

These days there are so many lenticular images (That’s those images that flip, morph, are 3d, come on packages, bookmarks, comic cards, DVD covers you name it) I know, you've seen them and have some.

Well here is my story, bare with me. It was 1995 my daughter was 4 years old and well, I was still young and loved comics, Pokemon, well you get the picture and I collected lenticular images, some old ones even. I must admit I still collect them.

Well I was playing with Peach and she loved artificial fingernails so I had some Lenticulars that were bent up so I cut them out and made her little finger nails that changed when she moved her hand. They were really thick but so cute.

Here we are today so I thought I would play with some new lenticulars that are thin and even like fabric.

The kids will love them and your re-purposing.

Like watching a little movie on your nails.

Update: Found a company that makes Lenticular artificial nails,I was very impressed, Nailflix ,shares the same passion as me and others. Yippee!!!

Step 1: The Stuff!

Lenticular images (they are everywhere, you don't need to have images you recognize even words are cool)

Hobby knife

Pen or marker

Tapered handle (like paint brush)


Fingernail file


Nail polish (not needed, just looks cool if you only want to do a couple nails)

Set of artificial fingernails with the sticky tabs (you will use the sticky tabs for your pattern) and for the adhesive. Dollar stores carry them, etc.

Double stick tape will work, but you would need to create a fingernail pattern.

Heated stencil cutter works for cutting (I prefer scissors)

Step 2: Subject Matter

I am using some valentine cards that I gave out at work. (Yep! I am 44 and still a kid)

These are Tinker bell and friends.

When you are looking for images, keep your nail size in mind. Hold your image up to your nail to see if the image will work.

I try and find small images, that is why the valentine’s cards work, if pattern or letters are what I want then larger images work well. Sometimes it is just the color change that makes them interesting.

Step 3: Trace ,cutout & Sand

Layout the paper patterns onto the areas of the image you want for your nails. Tip: If you take your pattern piece, and trace on post-it- note material and cut, it will hold on to the lenticular while you trace around it.

I try to use thin lenticulars, it makes cutting easier, or if you have a heated stencil cutter that works great.

After they are cut you will want to lightly sand each one and make sure edges are clean.

Step 4: Forming the Nails

This takes a little finesse, but well worth the effort. Because are nails aren't flat we need to bend from one side to the other. Be careful we don't want, a crease down the middle. Then flex the tip a little downward.

Test by fitting to the fingernail.

This is were you can use some heat, but not a lot, wear gloves to protect your hands. (I don't usually need heat)

Let's finish up!

Step 5: Attacking the Nails.

You can paint you nails first and let dry well.

Apply the adhesive to your nail then stick on your lenticular nail.

Start flicking and moving your fingers, watch in amazement just how cute and cool they look!

I'm telling you, your friends and their kids will be begging for a set.

Nails in Motion!

Thank you! J



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    Thank you for saying so! Have a great day! J

    That is so cute! I want to see a picture when you do.

    I will try and enter. Thanks a bunch!! J

    Hi! Thank you. I found a company who makes them,just today. They only have a few patterns,but so cool.
    Have a great day! J

    That's good to know. This is completely new to me. I showed it to my daughter (she is 4)" Wow Mommy ! fairies are moving :D I love it." Will be making it soon :) Once again thanks for sharing ! Great Day :)

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