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So I finally got my hands on the Urban Decay Naked Palette and I created this smokey look for you. I would say this can be made for any occasion day or night. I do hope you like this look.

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Fist as always you are going to want to prime and apply foundation to your face. Then I applied a concealer to my eye lids and applies a skin tone eye shadow from the palette to set the concealer and help the shadows last all day.I used the colour virgin.

Step 2:

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Then you are going to want to create a transition colour. To do this I first applied the colour Naked to the crease of the eye. This is just going to help all the shadows blend easy and help them look blended and not harsh.

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Then I go in with the colour Buck and also apply thin to the crease. I try and keep this more into the crease and below the Naked colour we just applied. I then go back and forth until I am happy and make sure I keep blending.

Step 4:

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Then going in with the colour Darkhorse I applied this on the outer crease using a pencil brush. I then go in with a fluffy brush to blend this out and then go back and forth with the two brushes until I am happy with the colour.

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Then I apply the colour Sin to the lid of my eye. I also take this right into the inner corner of my eye and onto the inner lower lash line too.

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Then I apply the colour creed onto the outer part of my lid and then with a blending brush I blend this out and into the crease. I then go back in with the fluffy brush to make sure its blended.

Step 7:

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Then I used my gel liner and apply a winged look on my eyes.

Step 8:

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Then with a white liner I applied this to my waterline and this help open my eyes and helped the look be more everyday wear.

Step 9:

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Then you are going to want to apply your mascara and also your favorite lashes.

Step 10:

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Now that your eyes are done you are going to want to finish your face. So first I highlighted my face by applying concealer to my under eyes, chin, nose and forehead and blend this out with a beauty blender, I also set this with my translucent powder.

Step 11:

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I then go in with my bronzer and shape my face. To do this I apply it to mt cheek bones around my forehead jawline and nose. I then go in with my foundation brush and make sure this is all blended and there are no harsh lines.

Step 12:

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Then I go in with the same eye shadows that I applied on my lids and applied them to the lower lash line. This just helps bring the look together.

Step 13:

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Then finally I applied My Mac Velvet Teddy Lipstick. This helped the look be very wearable. I do hope you like this look and love to know what you think.


callmed7 (author)2016-01-20


thank you :)

Ssalazar222 (author)2016-01-19

cool soooooo co

thank you

Trini Mom (author)2016-01-19

The finished look is so pretty

thank you so much

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