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Introduction: Naked Sim Costume

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Well, The Sims are definitely one of my favorite games ever. Since I'm like 15 I play it. Getting the chance to be anything you want with someone who look just like you, it's amazing. So, since I love this game I thought to myself, Why not doing it? Definitely something absolutely creative and really easy to make, to wear at any costumes party you have. Want to know how to do it? Check this out!



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    Awesome, I'm laughing my a** off! :)

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    when we made ours, we had one of those "dancing flowers" thing that moves to music, which inside is a rotating wire, mounted the diamond on it so it spun. The mechanism when inside a foam rubber wig. We also printed the sims logo on one of those iron on printer sheets onto a towel.

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    That's a really smart idea!! I'm glad you had fun