Introduction: Nalgene Water Bottle Survival Kit

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1st instructable just thought i could do something for fun look foward to doing more of my kits in the future

Step 1: Gather

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Nalgene bottle
duck tape
flash light
2 carabiners
small letherman
fishing kit (described in next step)
2 strobe firecrackers
3 smokeballs
double sided screwdriver
dental floss
waterproof matches
wire saw
spare cotton fabric
sewing kit
2 tea light candles
saran or cling wrap
2 glow sticks
pocket knife
1 trash bag
1 gallon bag
and 1 quart sized bag to fit stuff in while bottle is in use

Step 2: Fishing Kit

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1 pill bottle
1 medium sinker
9 split sinkers
1 spin flasher
an eccessive number of hooks
1 paracord fly
1 eye lure
fishing line
5 swivels
1 small bobber

Step 3:

hope you all enjoyed this instructable i hope to make more suggestions and critisism are encouraged

Step 4:


jakeers (author)2015-07-26

Brilliant kit. Smokeballs and firecrackers, never would have thought to include those. Yet I bet they would be useful. Thanks for sharing

seamster (author)2015-07-16

This looks like a great little kit. Nice work!

Camp Baja (author)seamster2015-07-16

thanks a lot

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