Picture of Name Puzzle - Laser Cut
This is a great personalized present for a little one in your life. It is colorful, educational and very personal. Easy to layout, construct and paint. Laser cutting ensures a perfect fit every time.

Step 1: Inspiration

Picture of Inspiration

My friend's daughter is coming up to her first birthday, so what to get for a one year old? I wanted to give something personal and unique. I have one of those names that you just can't find printed on coffee mugs or novelty license plates, so I know how exciting is can be to have your name emblazoned across a product.

In the end I combined the above thoughts and decided to make a colorful name puzzle, laser cut of course! This is a great little present that is personal, looks great on a shelf and is also educational. Read the steps below to see how it was made.

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Great instructable!

Letter puzzles like that, by the way, are fantastic for autistic kids - they tend to be interested in puzzles already, and the shape familiarity of being able to manipulate the letter pieces dramatically improves their letter recognition, spelling and other pre-reading skills.
cgb222 years ago
Thanks for your design. You say you have some more designs but I can't find any links that work. What is the address for your open source design site please. Does anyone know of anywhere else that has some good laser-cutting designs apart from Thingiverse and cnc zone? Thanks everyone
jkuner3 years ago
Thanks! I made a test version at TechShop out of cardboard, worked great!

What font is this?